Another Day, Another Pill, And No Relief.

by Surya July 25th, 2019

Another day, another pill, and no relief.

Imagine what it’s like for the one-third of adults who battle symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder. Those who suffer from persistent feelings of sadness, low energy, sleep disturbances, and, in the very worst cases, thoughts of death or self-harm.

This is what it’s like to have Treatment-Resistant Depression.

Every day, patients around the Tucson area are experiencing relief and new hope through TMS Therapy at Surya Psychiatric Clinic. We’re thankful for continual developments and emerging research that helps provide relief for those who suffer from Treatment-Resistant Depression. But, despite the high success rates of interventional treatments like TMS Therapy, we’re still working to completely crack the depression code. Here are a few things we know about Treatment-Resistant Depression in 2019…

There’s Hope For Relief

The term “Treatment-Resistant” doesn’t mean “hopeless”. It’s generally defined by a patient who isn’t helped by adequate doses of two different antidepressants. When these cases arise, we turn to interventional methods of treatment like TMS Therapy. This noninvasive, FDA-cleared treatment continues to provide relief, hope, and renewed life in those who suffer from Treatment-Resistant Depression.

Age and Gender Might Play A Role

Even though there’s no way to predict for sure who with depression will be unresponsive to treatment, research tells us that there are biological and psychological factors that make certain populations are more vulnerable than others. For example, studies show that women and the elderly are more prone to treatment-resistant cases of depression.

There’s a Link Between Depression and Inflammation

Emerging research draws a connection between Major Depressive Disorder, the immune system, and our inflammatory response as a potential cause of depression. Patients with depression have also been shown to have higher rates of “comorbid inflammatory conditions, including coronary heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis” in some studies.

TMS Therapy is a life-changing treatment choice for people who don’t receive relief from traditional mediations for depression. New innovations like TMS Therapy can address the unmet need of those with Treatment-Resistant Depression.

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