by Surya April 12th, 2019

For years, many forms of depressive disorders have plagued children and adults alike. This mental health condition continues to grow as an estimated 16.2 million adults suffer from this debilitating condition. No one is immune to depression; however, people tend to not seek care due to the stigma “mental health” carries. Little do they know that physical health cannot survive without taking care of one’s mind. Help us stop the stigma, and bring you the treatment that is changing how depression is going to be treated in the future. 

dTMS outweighs options such as antidepressants and ECT as a first line defense against Major Depressive Disorder because:

1. Shorter treatment length

2. Higher efficacy combined with HIGHER RATES OF REMISSION

3. Fewer systemic side effects

4. Fully outpatient sessions

Who said there is always a catch is mistaken in this situation. FDA-approved Brainsway device has the best of both worlds, and can only be found at Dr. Patel’s office in Tucson. As the Home of dTMS in Tucson, we are proud to announce higher remission rates than clinical trials with our wonderful team monitoring your every need.

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Mental health is not a thing of the past but rather an opportunity of the future to help everyone that needed assistance but could not acquire it. This treatment is reimbursed by major insurance carriers, including Medicare!

“Going to a counselor or psychiatrist when you’re feeling sad or overwhelmed should as normal as going to the hospital when you have the flu. Let’s end the stigma about mental health.”

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